Year 10 and 12 have made an excellent start to their courses this term. Some of their work is currently on display in Reception so we wanted to share it with you here.Year 10 have been exploring a mini text and image project. They have used their own faces and names to build on both hand crafted and Photoshop skills. They have been inspired by Julian Opie and Craig & Karl to simplify their own faces; their hard work has resulted in some fantastic mug designs!

Year 12 have been busy on a typography project and a mini wrapping paper design project based on digital repeat patterns of their own origami.

“It was interesting to see how I could form such interesting patterns from one piece of origami.”

Milly Ducker (12C2)

Some of these examples look so professional, it wouldn’t surprise us if we saw them on the shelves in Paperchase in a few years! Well done Year 12!