Curriculum Overview

How the School Works

St Bart’s teaches the National Curriculum, but staff and governors have aspirations and expectations about students’ education that far exceed the specifications of the National Curriculum. We seek to offer diversity and choice at appropriate stages, but throughout a student’s career here we expect courses to be interesting, stimulating and intellectually challenging and to lead to appropriate qualifications at the highest level the individual can achieve.


Faculty Organisation

In order to manage curriculum development and training and to achieve the best possible results, we organise our teaching staff into faculties and teachers deliver their specialist subject. The Head of Faculty is the leading professional in that team of teachers.

Beyond the National Curriculum

Staff at St Bart’s make an exceptional commitment to enriching the curriculum, both within and beyond the classroom. Out-of-classroom activities, visits and exchanges all contribute to the fully rounded education parents want for their children.

This is reflected in consistently high achievements in the Key Stage 3 assessments, GCSE, A Level and other qualifications. Every year a high proportion of Sixth Formers progress to university, including Oxford and Cambridge. Our staff are immensely experienced and can offer professional guidance to students and their families.

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