Engagement & Enrichment

Alongside subject lessons, we offer an extensive range of enrichment activities. From our portfolio of courses designed to enhance study skills, to employability sessions and our Personal Development Programme, the Sixth Form offering is designed to promote skills for life and a wider understanding of the world. Our Personalised Learning team is also on hand to provide specialist learning provision to support additional academic needs through a variety of one to one and small group sessions and programmes.

Personal Development Programme

Our Personal Development Programme is an essential part of the school’s support for individuals as they mature and develop into independent and capable young adults. Our Personal Development Programme builds on KS4 experience, and delves deeper into the three core themes of Health and Wellbeing, Relationships, and Living in the Wider World, establishing their relevance in adulthood.

All young people need support and guidance as they develop the skills and understanding necessary to make a success of sixth form studies and their future preparation for the world of work and higher education with UCAS/job applications and financial awareness. Likewise, they need an opportunity to discuss the most important and relevant issues of the day which impact on their lives, from environmental concerns, to issues of morality, social exclusion and equality. This programme combines all of these elements to help our young people understand their place in the world..

Each week, students engage with a different topic from the programme, led and facilitated by the Tutor. An additional weekly enrichment session offers insight and advice from guest speakers across sectors such as business, sport, charity, politics and the arts. Two, day-long workshops, one at a Higher Education conference, and one to explore business and enterprise issues, offer in-depth focus on these key topics.

The Extended Project Qualification 

An Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is available to all Year 12 students. This level 3 qualification is not taught but completed independently with the support of our Extended Project Mentors and enables students to learn a variety of research skills and demonstrate creativity, initiative and enterprise.

Stretch and Challenge

Stretch and Challenge is an optional, non-examined course open to all Year 12 students which teaches the skills of critical thinking such as the ability to create and evaluate clear arguments and understand logic. It is particularly useful for students studying for EPQs, planning to study medicine or law, and for those aiming for competitive universities.




Core Mathematics

We offer Core Mathematics to all Year 12 Students as an additional Level 3 Mathematics qualification alongside their A Level and BTEC choices. As an option that is particularly attractive to students studying subjects with significant Mathematics elements such as Sciences, Economics, Geography, and Psychology.

The Early Entrant Programme

If students are considering making an early entry for a competitive university/course, such as Oxbridge, Medicine, Dentistry and Vet Med, they are fully supported to make the best possible application. We offer advice and guidance with wider reading and super-curricular studies; work experience; writing personal statements; aptitude tests and submission of written work; preparation for interviews and support following the decision process. Read more about Y13 Destinations.