Policies and Reports

Admissions Policies

For our Admissions Policies please see Contact & Apply/Admissions & Apply.



Anti Bullying Policy

Assemblies & Acts of Worship Policy

Attendance Guidance 2015-2016 and Absence Self Certification Form

Behaviour Policy

British Values Statement

Charging for School Activities Policy

Child Protection Policy

Concerns & Complaints Policy & Procedure

Curriculum Statement

Data Protection Policy

Disability Access Plan

Equality Policy 2017

Equality Information & Objectives 2017-2018

Exclusion Policy

Freedom of Information Policy

Physical Intervention Policy

Radicalisation and Extremism Policy

Relationship & Sex Education Policy

Sex & Relationship Education Policy Appendix A Teenage Pregnancy Protocol

Special Educational Needs Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy

Unreasonable, Persistent and Harassing Complainants Policy & Procedure




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Pupil Premium


St_Bartholomew’s Pupil Premium 2014- 2015 January 2015

St Bartholomew’s School Pupil Premium 2014-2015 Overview

St Bartholomew’s Pupil Premium 2015.16. March

St Bartholomew’s Pupil Premium 2015-16

Pupil Premium Overview Document 2016.2017- Sept

Pupil Premium Overview 2016-2017 Review

Pupil Premium Overview document 2017-2018

Catch Up Funding

Catch Up Funding March 2016.2017

Catch Up Funding Final September -2015.16

Catch Up Funding June 2016-2017 Summary

Catch Up Funding 2017-2018

Catch_Up_Funding_2017.2018 March

Personal Development Programme

Click Here to Download Personal Development Programme – Whole School Scheme of Work  PDF (40KB)

St Bart’s Validation Report Dec 2013

Validation Letter Dec 2013 St Bart’s

SEND Information Report/Local Offer 2017



School Development Plan

School Development Plan 2017-18 Nov (002)

Evacuation Procedures

Emergency Evacuation Procedures April 2016

Emergency Evacuation Routes Site Plan


Accounts Information

St Bartholomew’s School 2017 final accounts

St Bartholomew’s Final Signed Accounts 31-8-16

St Bartholomew’s 2015 Final Signed Accounts

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