Bart’s Against Bullying

The effects of bullying can have a massive impact on all individuals, whether that is at school, work or socially. At St. Bart’s we are committed to tackling bullying at all levels and encourage members of our community to be BRAVE (one of our BART’S Values) in reporting all incidents of bullying.

Our Anti-Bullying Policy can we found here.

Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

At St Bart’s we have a team of students who have been trained by the Diana Award as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. The aim of the Anti-Bullying Ambassador training is to empower students and staff to change the attitudes, behaviours, and cultures of bullying by building skills and confidence to address different situations both on and offline. The training involved learning about different types of bullying and how it can be prevented. Our students also learnt how to support people who are struggling with the effects of bullying.

As part of Anti-Bullying week, the ambassadors asked students to sign our St Bart’s Anti-Bullying Pledge. The pledge was created by the Anti-Bullying Ambassador team using our St BART’S Values.

Anti-Bullying Pledge

Be BRAVE by standing up for what is right

Be AMBITIOUS and strive to make the school a better place

Be RESPECTFUL to all members of our community

Be TRUSTWORTHY and kind to others

Be SAFE and encourage the safety of others both in person and online

Each student who signed the pledge received a “Bart’s Against Bullying” pin badge.

We continue our work with the aid of students and other member of our community, to continue to always ensure our school has a safe and friendly environment.

PDP (Personal Development Programme)

Throughout our PDP curriculum, we teach our students about a range of issues linked to anti-bullying.

In Year 7, bullying is covered in-depth during the Autumn Term, with discreet lessons covering gossip, the emotional impact of bullying and when banter goes too far. In the Spring Term, Year 7 then explore the impact of cyber bullying and e-safety.

In the Autumn Term of Year 8, students look at peer pressure and the impact of friendships on behaviour, which includes a lesson about being assertive and feeling you can say no.

Issues around bullying are re-visited in the Spring Term of Year 11, where students look at the nature of relationships, including attitudes towards equality, sexuality and teenage pregnancy. Students also explore the nature of abusive relationships, including coercive and controlling behaviour, and explore the concept of consent.

Support in School

If you, or your child, has any concerns about bullying then we would encourage both of you to get in touch with your child’s house office through the school email address ( or the school telephone number (01635 521255).

If you child needs support or guidance then please encourage them to contact their house office. Alternatively, they can self-refer to our School Counsellor

External Support

Family Lives is a national charity providing information and support for parent/carers on a range of issues including bullying. They run a 24 hour free helpline on 0808 800 2222.    

BullyingUK is part of Family Lives and has a website which has lots of helpful advice and resources.