Admissions & Apply

Applications for September 2022. Please note applications for September 2022 will open following our Sixth Form Open Evening on Thursday 4 November 2021.  For any further information on applications, please email or call 01635 576368.

To access Level 3 (A Levels and BTEC National Extended Certificate) courses, you need to secure a minimum of five GCSEs at Grade 4 or above. At least 3 of these passes should be at Grade 5. If a student does not secure a Grade 4 in English Language and/or Mathematics then s/her will be required to attend lessons and re-sit GCSE exams in these subjects.

If are looking to take an A Level course that you have studied at GCSE, then in most subjects a GCSE Grade of 5 is preferred. If you fall short of a 5, you cannot assume that you will secure a place on the course and will be asked to meet with the Head of Department in September to discuss whether you might be offered a place on a trial basis. The step up from GCSE to A Level work is particularly steep in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Students should be clear that in other than the most exceptional circumstances, they will not secure a place on these courses without at least a Grade 6 in these subjects or ‘Science’ at GCSE.

What happens if a student gets five GCSE passes but fails to secure Grade 4s in Mathematics or English?
A student in this position will be able to take some Level 3 (A Level/ BTEC) courses but their choice may be a little more restricted and they will have to attend lessons in preparation for a re-sit in Mathematics or English Language. A student who does not secure 4s in both will only be able to enrol for the Sixth Form + Programme.