Term Dates, School Calendar & School Day


Please refer to emails from school or BartholoNews for the most up to date events information.

Term Dates

Term, half terms and staff training day dates are available to download below. You can now use our CSV files to import these dates directly into your Google calendar. We recommend following this advice.

  PDF file CSV

Term dates 2020-21


Term dates 2021-22


Term Dates 2022-23

To follow

Summer Term 2022 Calendar

For term and exam dates and the current term full calendar, please see the calendar below and this printable version. Please note, however, that this is a live document and subject to change. Working from the live version rather than a downloaded or printed version is advised. 


 School Timetable 




Start of the School Day

Students must be in tutor rooms for registration with tutor

8.40am 8.40am 8.40am
Periods 1 & 2 8.50am-10.50am 8.50am-10.50am 8.50am-10.50am


Students may purchase food during this time

10.50am-11.10am 10.50am-11.10am 10.50am-11.10am
Period 3 11.10am-12.10pm 11.10am-12.10pm 11.10am-12.10pm

Tutor Time/Activity/Lunchtime

Students may purchase food during this time

12.10pm-1.10pm: Tutor Time or Activity/Lunchtime (split year groups)

12.10pm-12.30pm: Tutor Time

12.30pm-1.10pm: Activity/Lunchtime

12.10pm-12.50pm: Activity/Lunchtime 
Periods 4 & 5 1.10pm-3.10pm 1.10pm-3.10pm 12.50pm-2.50pm
End of the School Day  3.10pm 3.10pm 2.50pm

Enrichment activities/co-curricular clubs

School calendar contains details of regular activities.

3.10pm-4.10pm 3.10pm-4.10pm 2.50pm-3.50pm