Aims & BARTS Values

We expect that each individual will actively contribute towards achieving the school’s aims.

  1. The school values every individual equally and aims for them to:
    • fulfil their potential, now and in later life
    • develop confidence, self-esteem and decision-making skills
    • enjoy and value learning
    • develop personal responsibility and respect
  2. The school seeks to foster learning by creating:
    • a calm and friendly atmosphere which encourages and promotes high personal standards
    • a healthy, safe and secure environment
    • a stimulating and inspiring learning environment which values academic achievement
    • structures which recognise in
    • dividual achievement
  3. The school lies at the heart of its community and aims to:
    • promote open and effective communication
    • foster a sense of community among all employees, students, parents and governors
    • work co-operatively with the business community to make the curriculum relevant to its students
    • work co-operatively with feeder schools and other educational institutions to
    • promote curriculum continuity and appropriate pastoral care

If we are all committed to achieving these aims, the school will be an exciting, stimulating, hard-working, challenging and successful institution.

We work hard to promote inclusion across our school community so that all of our students have the opportunity to succeed. Please read our Inclusion Booklet to learn more. 

BARTS Values

St. Bart’s prides itself on developing each individual as a valued member of the school community. We want all students to make excellent progress, develop essential life skills and to contribute positively to our school and the wider community.

“At St. Bart’s we expect all members of our school community to be brave, ambitious, respectful, trustworthy and safe, so that we can all be the best that we can be.” We feel that these five values encompass a range of qualities that we seek to develop across all members of our school community.


Student Voice

At St Bart’s we value the opinions of all members of our community. Our students are at the centre of everything we do and we create many opportunities for them to be involved in school development. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Student Councils
  • Focus groups
  • Whole school student surveys
  • Involvement in interviewing prospective members of staff
  • Committees (for example, the Prom Committee)
  • The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Our students play an important role in decision making in the school. Ideas developed through student voice inform discussions that take place at a wide range of staff meetings across the school, including the Leadership Team meetings. In the next academic year, we look forward to further developing our student voice opportunities, and enabling students to continue to work with staff and fellow students in order to plan and lead a wide range of activities.

Recent examples of student voice have included feedback on the following:

  • Teaching and learning
  • Independent Study
  • Student rewards
  • Literacy and the Library

  • School procedures
  • School facilities and environment
  • Anti-bullying
  • Student happiness and wellbeing