Able, Gifted & Talented

Here at St Bartholomew’s we are committed to developing the skills, talents and knowledge of all our students. We also believe that personalised attention and an aspirational curriculum are key to stretching and accelerating the learning of the most Able to ensure they make greater than expected progress.

Able: Students whose abilities are well developed and who are ahead of their peer group, achieving mean CAT scores that are above 130 or Non-Verbal CAT scores above 130. We also include anyone who wants to be challenged or has been nominated by a member of staff or participated in a Stretch and Challenge workshop.

Optional tasks are set on Satchel:One. Where students engage with these, they are more likely to invited to workshops.

Gifted: Students who have abilities in traditional academic subjects, such as English, Mathematics and Science.

Talented: Students who have abilities in creative and expressive subjects, such as Art, Drama and PE.

At St Bartholomew’s School, it is our aim to ensure the provision of opportunities inside and outside of the classroom boosts the attainment, motivation and self-confidence of Able, Gifted and Talented students.

We provide this in a number of ways:



A wide range of extracurricular activities are available across the school, some examples of those offered to our Able, Gifted & Talented students are:

Maths: UKMT Maths Challenge (All years), Royal Institution Mathematics Masterclasses (year 9)

English: Carnegie shadowing (KS3), Lit Quiz (KS3)

Science and Technology: AWE Challenge (year 9 and 13), Biology Challenge (Year 10 and 11), Chemistry and Physics Olympiad (Year 12 and 13)