The Sixth Form team have been working together to help support Y13 as they take their final assessments. Mrs Talbot has been posting positive and supportive messages on Instagram, to let Y13 know we are thinking about them. Miss Howes and Mrs Austin Smith stuck more positive messages around the study areas to inspire them, and also created some beautiful posies (using flowers from Mrs Lane’s garden) to cheer up the students and add some colour to the foyer – with some beautiful cards kindly donated by Miss Ostrowski!

On Wednesday afternoon students relaxed and got in touch with their creative side during Crafternoon, by making beautiful spring flowers from paper, which many gave away to their friends, family and staff. Perhaps best received of all, Miss Howes produced a variety of healthy snacks, spending her evening chopping carrot snacks to give students a healthy boost.

Look out for more snacks and crafts for the rest of term! Good luck to Y13, we are thinking of you. You’ve got this!