Spanish Immersion Trip

Published 14 March 2024

Last month, 41 of our Year 10, 11 and 12 students visited Andalucia for a unique opportunity to improve their Spanish and to learn more about Spanish culture through a variety of activities. Each student was paired with a Spanish pen pal before the trip and met them while in Spain

Ella Lecky (12E7) tells us about her experience…

“Our trip to Andalucia was so jam-packed. We got to see so much over the course of the four days, as well as practising our Spanish! On day one we arrived at Malaga and received a tour of the city. We ended the day by visiting the Bronze statue of Picasso (and having an ice cream there!) before arriving in Jaén.

On day two we met our pen pals for the first time, and visited their school to do a variety of activities. This helped us with our communication skills and it was a very enjoyable way for us to practice our Spanish. In the evening, we did a scavenger hunt in Jaén with the pen pals.

Day three was our busiest day! In the morning, we went to the market in Jaén to buy the ingredients for our ‘Masterchef’ competition, it was a perfect opportunity to practice our Spanish in real life situations. After this, we did olive oil tasting. Jaén is the olive oil capital of the world with more olive trees than people! In the afternoon, we visited the 11th century ‘Castillo de Santa Catalina’.

Day four was our final full day. In the morning, we went to the interactive science park museum in Granada. On the way back, we saw the views of Granada. Then in the evening, we had a party with the pen pals before saying goodbye.

 On our way back to the airport, on the final day, we visited the Alhambra palace in Granada, one of the most famous sites of Islamic architecture. Overall, the Spanish Immersion trip was a great opportunity for us to not only practice and improve our Spanish, but to get a massive insight into the history and culture of Spain whilst being partnered with somebody of our own age!”