2024/5 House Captains

Published 17 April 2024

Before Easter, we announced our new Head Students and now, hot on their heels, come the appointment of our House Captains, completing the Sixth Form School Officer team for 2024.

House Captains play a vital role in supporting the House Offices and the integration of House activity across the Sixth Form and the rest of the school. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students to build leadership, communication and organisational skills. The varied responsibilities can include helping with mentorship opportunities for students in Y7-Y11, taking the lead with school fundraising and community initiatives, and organising and encouraging involvement in a huge number of House competitions through the year. Our House Captains also play a vital part in supporting the Head Students, as well as Mrs Lane and the Sixth Form Leadership team, with a large number of Sixth Form events, such as our Open Evening, Awards Evening and Sixth Form socials.

All appointed students will soon be taking part in the annual School Officers’ weekend at St Cassian’s, where they will camp, take part in team building exercises and make plans for the projects they wish to tackle in the coming the year. Congratulations to all the successful candidates and good luck for what is sure to be a busy, exciting and successful year.