500 Words Short Story Competition

Published 16 March 2022

Around 100 students from across the school submitted work for the 500 words short-story competition, which was launched just before half term and saw the winners announced on World Book Day. The range of approaches to the theme of “spring” or “a new start” was hugely imaginative, and the quality of responses astonishingly good in many cases.

As well as the expected tales of beginning at a new school and blooming daffs, there were sci-fi and dystopian treatments and versions featuring journeys through alternate dimensions along with stories of shamans, the cricketer Chris Gayle, hot-air ballooning, growing up under the Taliban, pirates, circuses, the English invasion of Wales (in medieval times) and the secret life of cats.One entry came with its own Polish glossary. Judging was very tricky, especially in the Y8 and Y10 categories, but hopefully the selected work speaks for itself. Thanks to Mrs Woolf for helping out with that and to Mrs Hewetson and Resources for organising the publication of a booklet to showcase the winners. Congratulations to all students involved.

Winners (some are pictured above)

Joint overall winners: Polly Kerr, 8P2, and Kirstin Butler, 10E2

Y7: Flo Dent, 7E3

Y8: Tabitha Cook, 8P2

Y9: Megan Purcell, 9C2

Y10: Jennifer Bibin, 10P3

Y11: Avni Prashar, 11E2

Y12: George Waters, D3

Y13: Leah Matthews, D1