8E2 Support Ukraine Refugee

Published 16 June 2022

“In recent months one of the main topics that is being discussed is the situation of war between Ukraine and Russia. This unfortunate event has left many Ukrainians homeless and without hope. One of the students in 8E2, to show their support and sympathy, has been hosting a Ukrainian refugee in their home, despite the fact that they would still be some sort of stranger and that they would have to adjust to life with someone new to care and look out for. 

The refugee’s name is Alana, and her cousin’s family have moved close to Newbury. One of her relatives, Alex, was going through a hard time finding friends, as he had just moved into a country that was probably making him feel alienated. I would feel stranded and alone too in the same situation, placed in an unusual setting. By creating cards for Alana and Alex, we felt this was one of the best ways to reach out to them, with cards filled with words of encouragement. Some of the notes read, “Have a great time in Britain and we will keep you safe” and “We are with you”. These same words can give someone a new and positive outlook on life, something everyone needs to keep them going in a world where everything seems a little strange.”

Favour Oke (8E2)