Area Cross Country results

Published 19 March 2024

Congratulations to all students who took part in a slightly unforgiving Cross Country course last week at Mary Hare, a beautiful setting but a challenging course, which they all took on board with grit and determination.


U13 Girls

2nd place out of 9 schools

Runners were Jessie McCurtin, who finished in a superb 3rd position, Hattie Mason, Rose Cooper, Mabel Roberson, Olivia Dow, Darcey Herdman, Alice Kirby, Sunna Mahmoud, Maya Buczkowska, Freya Ilsley and Sophie Yorston.

U15 Girls

2nd place out of 9 schools

Runners were Anna Hall, 9th place, Chloe Yorston, Daisy Wallis, Lauren Baily, Emmeline Lloyd, Eva Mahoney, Sofia Hughes, Mariella Frood, Violet Hughes, Georgia Hillyer and Ellena Clare.

U17 Girls

1st place out of 7 schools

Runners were Isla Clare in fabulous 1st position, closely followed by Katya Burgess in 2nd place and Olive Muir in 3rd place which were brilliant finishing positions, Brooke Thomasson, Izzy McAnally, Anna Delavere, Georgia Knight in a well deserved 6th place, Chloe Shore and Erin Cameron.

U20 Girls

1st place went to Kirsten Fraser, which was a superb achievement back on the Cross Country circuit!

A tremendous and very successful team effort from you all – very well done and thank you!



The boys completed a clean sweep, winning every age group team category.


U13 (Year 7) – 1st out of 10 schools

U15 (Year 8 and 9) – 1st out of 9 schools

U17 (Year 10 and 11) – 1st out of 7 schools

U20 (Year 12 and 13) – 1st out of 2 schools


Top finishers included:

U13 – Rupert Knight 3rd, Alex Rowe 4th.

U15 – Antonio Valdivia 1st, Jacob Tang 6th. A special mention must go to Henry Wilson who led for most of the race, but sprained his ankle on the last section – and still carried on to finish 10th.

U17 – Haydn James 6th.

U20 – Charlie Adams 1st, Aston Howse 2nd.


You did so well and we are really proud of you all for your fantastic achievements.