Athens Trip

Published 19 March 2024

Tell me, muse, of the St Bart’s trip to Greece! The A Level students of Classical Civilisation and some guests from other subjects embarked on a PanHellenic Odyssey of Epic proportions. We went to Athens, seeing the theatres, Acropolis and museums, along with the prison of Socrates, ancient Agora, and finally made our own Greek comedy/tragedy masks and watched a performance of Aristophanes’ comedies. We then departed for Delphi, which was absolutely incredible and a favourite among the students. This was followed by the site of Olympia – the original site of the Olympic Games, which we recreated – before a meandering return to Athens via Agamemon’s palace at Mycenae and the healing cult of Epidaurus and its world-famous theatre. The St Bart’s Instagram page (muses_tell_me) has photos and videos of all this and more.

Some students reflected:

“This trip to Greece was absolutely amazing, and I had so much fun. I didn’t expect we’d manage to visit so many different places and attractions over six days but the trip was so well organised and I learnt so much more than I knew before.”

“Such an amazing trip, I could literally go on and on about it, the teachers were not as strict as they are usually required to be, being able to play games with us in the evening (and to see their true personalities was pretty amusing). I was so upset to be back in England, I wanted to go back as soon as we landed. The experience was one that I will always remember, seeing all of the sites was so interesting and to be with all of your friends was amazing. “

The trip would not have been possible without the help of Mrs Jenner and Miss Floyd and the admin staff. All of the students were fabulous and the trip was truly unforgettable. Next year…Italy?