Bart’s Bites Launched

This week we have stepped up the catering offer at St Bart’s. We have launched two “Bart’s Bites” kiosks outside in KS4 areas. Opening at lunchtime for Y11 (1st lunch) and Y10 (2nd lunch), serving: paninis, pizzas, jacket potatoes, sandwiches, wraps, salad or pasta pots, fruit, yogurt, cake and drinks.

The canteen is now serving a wider choice of food including hot rice and pasta dishes, jacket potatoes, salad and pasta pots. Fish or sausage and chips are back by popular demand on Friday (25 September).

Y10 can still use the canteen at lunchtime. Y11 can continue to buy food from the canteen at break and will be able to buy fish or sausage and chips from the canteen at break on Friday.

Y13 will be able to use the new Foyer kiosk from 12.10 to 1pm Monday to Thursday. Y12 can continue to use the 6th form servery, both will be serving a wider choice of food.

Thank you to our excellent catering and site team staff for making this possible.