British Physics Olympiad Tests 2019

Recently four students in Year 12 and 5 students in Year 11 somewhat rashly volunteered to sit the Physics Olympiad papers.  On the front of the question paper is the following advice, “This paper is about problem solving.  It is designed for the top AS/GCSE physicists in the country.  If you find the questions hard, they are.  Do not be put off.  The only way to overcome them is to struggle through and learn from them.”

We have been working through questions since the middle of the Autumn term.  Students have been supportive of one another, and not put off by the challenge.  It is great preparation for anyone who might sit an aptitude test for Physics or Engineering courses at University.  These exams generally take place in November of Year 12.

From the two groups there were 6 Bronze medals, 2 Silver, and the very first Gold at St Barts.