CCF Field Day At HMS Collingwood

Last month the combined Year 11 and 10 cadets, with seven Sixth Form NCOs, of the Royal Navy section had a gruelling, challenging and muddy experience at HMS Collingwood, the Royal Navy Leadership Academy.

Over 50 cadets completed the obstacle course, particularly enjoying the fact that the heavy rain of the last weeks had filled the water hazards to the brim and turned every ditch into a quagmire of thick, brown, slimy mud! There was also great fun completing Practical Leadership Tasks under the command of Sixth Form NCOs, as the cadets worked in teams to cross pits of lava, safely dispose of radioactive waste and rescue battlefield casualties against the clock.

The cadets from St Bart’s received their usual glowing feedback from the RN instructors, who were particularly impressed by the cadets “have a go” attitude, the leadership shown by the Sixth Form students, and the fact that the only cadet who didn’t complete every challenge was the one on crutches! At the end of the day every cadet was completely caked in mud, tired out, and really satisfied with their achievements. Lt. Maunders & SLts. Evans & Castel were left really pleased with and proud of every cadet.