Privacy Policy

St Bartholomews School keeps and maintains data on current and former students in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.

St Bartholomews School will keep some forms of information for longer than others. Because of storage problems, information about students cannot be kept indefinitely, unless there are specific requests to do so. In general information about students will be kept for a maximum of 50 years after they leave St Bartholomews School. This will include:

name and address (including e-mail address)
academic achievements, including marks for coursework
copies of any reference written
All other information, including any information about health, race or disciplinary matters will be destroyed within 6 years of the course ending and the student leaving St Bartholomews School.

All data is treated as confidential as is used for administrative purposes in monitoring student admissions, attendance, programme choice and performance. Data is also used for administrative purposes in recording funding arrangements and providing statistical returns to local and national government agencies.

All data is kept within secure conditions and processed by authorised users only. Disclosures to third parties are limited to those relating to areas listed above.

General data is automatically collected and logged on visitors to the school website. Data on individual users (email address / IP address) is captured by the server but is not used.

This data is used internally within the school to monitor use of the website and to identify ways to improve and develop the current service.

Users who request information via email should note that this information is passed to the relevant department (depending on the nature of the enquiry) and is used to deal with this request only, unless the user has specified they wish to receive updates from the school or a reply by email.

A cookie is a piece of data stored on the hard drive of a visitor to our website which, although contains very basic information about the user’s visit, it is in no way linked to any personally identifiable information. A user can and has the right to reject a cookie, but if so, although they may still use our site, certain parts of our site may be not be available. We use cookies to track the number of visits to our site, the results of which may be used for marketing purposes but there will be no communication with the user as a result.

There are some links to other sites via the school website. Please note that St Bartholomews School is not responsible for content or policy of any of these sites, so please be aware when leaving this site to note privacy statements on other sites.

Staff, students and other users of St Bartholomews School have the right to access any personal data that is being kept about them either on computer or in certain files.

In order to gain access, an individual may wish to receive notification of the information currently being held. This request should be made in writing using the standard form, which is available upon request.

St Bartholomews School will make a charge to students of £10 on each occasion that access is requested, although the school has discretion to waive this.

St Bartholomews School aims to comply with requests for access to personal information as quickly as possible but will ensure that it is provided within 40 days of receiving your request unless there is good reason for delay. In such cases, the reason for delay will be explained in writing to the data subject making the request.

Individuals also have certain rights under the Act to require the school to cease processing or using their personal information in certain circumstances. Further information will be provided if required.