European Youth Parliament

Published 28 April 2022

On the 16 March, I took part, along with 7 other students, in the European Youth Parliament where we debated numerous pressing issues. Our team consisted of Abbie Holland, Charlie Swanson, Tom Rawlins, Quin Humphrey, Michael Dann, Edward Morris, Colum Bailey and me, Emilia Thatcher. We were assigned to oppose the debate on whether European countries and bodies should work together to support millions of gig economy workers in gaining social protections. We did this as the ECON committee. Each school was assigned a committee name and a debate to open and close, however, the main body of the debate was open floor. ECON contributed valuable arguments to every debate and accurately used our ‘direct responses’ to further our position in the debate. We also opened and closed the open debate on how countries should respond to changing attitudes towards restitution. Our team was thoroughly researched and prepared. In fact, our placard stayed up the whole event and Colum and I spent our time jumping and frantically waving it in the air to gain the leaders attention… safe to say we were the most enthusiastic!

From this experience we have been able to improve our teamwork skills and come together to support and educate each other. We have all improved our public speaking and confidence from our debating at the Oxford Union. What’s more, we have undeniably increased our knowledge on a range of different topics such as repatriation and the impact of the fashion industry. Although our team was robbed from winning… we are grateful for this experience which will benefit us as we take the next steps in our academic journey.

Emilia Thatcher (12C5)