House Update: Curnock

Published 13 October 2022

Year 7 Bushcraft Trip

Year 7 Curnock (and Davis) became wilderness explorers in deep dark Blenheim Woods in Oxfordshire last month. Students built their own shelters – and many students decided to sleep in them rather than the cosy warm tents that were provided! They also completed Bush Craft activities such as making traps and creating camp fires. The activities were aimed at student team building with their groups and tutors. A great time was had by all, especially when chasing their tutors and applying camo paint to their faces. Ava (7C2) said, “it was an exciting experience with lots of fun activities”, and Ross (7C2) added that it was a “fun residential and the food was great”.  Mr Rabin, 7C2 tutor, commented “it was brilliant watching the students building traps to catch things in, and playing the lantern game at night!”  Apparently, Mr Hill’s choice of headwear was a highlight.

Miss Suggitt joins the Curnock House Squad….

There’s a new kid in Curnock town – here’s what she has to say about it all – “Hello! I’m so excited to be part of the Curnock House Office team! I had my previous tutor group from their very first day in Year 7, right through to the end of Year 11, so the opportunity to be Curnock’s Progress and Achievement Leader was perfectly timed. Putting up with Mrs Hamblin’s jokes is a small price to pay to be part of the best house in the school!”  Welcome to Miss Suggitt J