Houses of Parliament Trip

Aidan Soulby’s (10E1) grandfather, Graham Pask, is retiring after 40 years in local politics, and was invited by Laura Farris to have a tour of the Houses of Parliament. Aidan was lucky enough to accompany him. He tells us about the trip.

“Recently I met our local MP, Laura Farris, at the Houses of Parliament where I went on a tour. We started off with a 25-minute Q&A session. We could ask her any questions and she’d answer them from her view point.  She then told us what a usual day in the Houses of Parliament was like. Laura also gave us some background information on what she knew about the Houses of Parliament. Once we finished that we got a tour of the House of Commons and House of Lords. We found out some extra information about how a vote happens. I was very lucky to receive a Hansard (a recollection of what was said) about what was passed the Wednesday before my visit. After seeing both, I can say the House of Lords was more impressive.”