Interview Skills Day

On Wednesday 26 May we were delighted to be able to run our interview skills day for Year 11. This event had been cancelled in November and again in February due to Covid restrictions. Prior to the day students spent time in their PDP sessions examining skills required for work, researching career choices, producing CV’s and letters of application. On the day students were given a mock interview and then had the opportunity to talk to their interviewers and receive feedback on their performance.

The event was supported by the Education and Business Partnership West Berkshire and a team of 16 business volunteers. As a school, we are very grateful for the time these volunteers give up to provide such a valuable experience for our students.

We are particularly grateful this year as many of the volunteers have not yet returned to their own workplaces but were very keen to support our Year 11 students in person rather than virtually. All our volunteers were extremely positive in their feedback about the student’s preparation and the way they took part in the interview and listened to their feedback. Well done to everyone involved! Here is a list of volunteers.

Amanda Gill, our careers adviser said, “St Bart’s students have continued to benefit from professional and impartial careers advice throughout this academic year. All Year 11s have now been offered one to one guidance and many Year 10, 12 and 13s also. Our external careers adviser at St Bart’s, who works for Adviza, has continued to work with students both in person and remotely throughout the lockdowns. Student feedback of this service is very good with 100% satisfaction recorded (and 80% very satisfied). Students also report that after their careers interview they feel clearer about their choices (80%), have a better understanding of their options going forward (88%) and feel more confident (80%).”