MFL Theatre Productions

Published 18 March 2024

On Wednesday 28 February and Thursday 7 March we had the pleasure of welcoming an MFL specialist theatre company called Onatti. This company performs plays in French, German and Spanish, suitable for beginners and immediate level learners. The play we saw in German was called ‘Der Babysitter’ which tells the funny story of a babysitter agreeing to allow her ex boyfriend to come and help her but after an argument she walks out leaving the teenager in charge of the baby. In some of the scenes, the actors even invited the students to participate. This is what Matilda in Year 10 had to say about the event.  

“I really enjoyed the play that was put on, it was engaging and easy to understand even for those who had only just started learning German. It was impressive for only two people to be acting, and the set and costumes were very well thought out and intricate. My favourite part was the audience participation. They frequently invited members of the audience to participate, this kept everyone engaged and led to many laughs.”

The French play ‘Le Cours d’Art’ was equally as amusing with the actors acting out what happened when five students were shut in an art classroom with no means of escape- both Kuda Y10 and Maria Y9 were great sports.

We are extremely grateful to the Parents’ Association who have funded these events for all MFL students in Years 8, 9 and 10.

The Spanish play takes place on Tuesday next week and we are really looking forward to it.