Published 27 November 2023

Last Wednesday, we took 68 girls to play netball at Kennet School from Year 7 through to Sixth Form. As Year 11 are doing practice exams, we put out two Year 7 teams and everyone else played up a year. This was a great opportunity for the girls to get some tough match play, ready for the league games next term.

Year 7: won 6-3

Year 7&8: lost 14-9 but had an amazing second quarter (winning 6-5). Player of the match was Jessie.

Year 8&9: had a really tough game but great practice for the next lot of games.

Year 9: the girls held their own and showed great promise for the next league matches. Player of the match was Hannah.

Year 10: kept their unbeaten record and won 18-12. Players of the match were Ava and Isla.

Sixth Form:  won 17-11, working well together for the first time. Player of the match was Scarlett.

So exciting to see so many girls representing the school and enjoying netball.