New BART’S Ambassadors

Published 22 June 2022

We are incredibly proud to announce that 48 of our Year 10 students have been successful in their application to become a BART’S Ambassador. As part of this process, they completed an application form and a formal interview; during those interviews we heard why they were keen to take on this role and the change they were hoping to bring about during their time as Ambassadors.

Our BART’S Ambassadors can be seen walking around the school in their prestigious purple ties. Over the next academic year, they will act as ambassadors for change, seeking to improve different areas of the school, working alongside staff and Sixth Form student leaders. A key part of their role will be supporting our new Year 7’s as they join our school in September, many of which they met recently whilst supporting our Year 6 welcome evening.

A big well done from all of the staff at St Bart’s!