NWN Over 80s Christmas Parcels

On a cold Friday morning, some tired Year 12 students volunteered their time to help the Newbury Weekly News assemble and deliver Christmas care packages for the elderly. Masks on, we helped the staff to unload a lorry, with bags filled to the brim with treats like shortbread, tea and of course the most recent newspaper. We had a very efficient system, and in no time the stock room was piled high with packages. Then came the most important part- delivering them! Some went on foot, whilst others took the minibus. Although this year we were unable to talk with the recipients, we are sure this year, of all years, the parcels will be much appreciated, and we’d like to thank the school for organising this rewarding experience.

Edward, Lucy, Joel & Miako

The school has received a letter from the NWN with a quote from one of the recipients of the parcels, “Such an unexpected, delightful surprise …it cheered my day. Despite the challenges we have faced this year, I have noticed people… are anxious to help if necessary. Reminds me of wartime when we all pulled together… knowing all would come right in the end.”