Reading Lagoona Park Trip

A total of 70 cadets from Year 11 and NCOs (Non Commissioned Officers) from Year 12 and 13 took part in our first whole contingent team building activity, a trip to Lagoona Park in Reading.

Lagoona Park is an 80m x 30m inflatable obstacle course set on a large lake. Coaches, provided by the MoD, arrived at Lagoona Park at 1pm in the blazing sun and after a quick change into life jackets and helmets everyone was ready for an hour of fun. Following a safety brief, every cadet made their way to the start of the obstacle course which meant a quick dip into the cold lake. What followed was an hour of total mayhem. Some students could hardly stand before slipping down again and in some cases they fell straight into the lake. Some tried to make their way over obstacles or traverse the monkey bars but almost all fell into the water again and again.

The air was full of laughter, giggling and the odd scream. Red faced and exhausted cadets left the course after an hour of the most ridiculous and fun activity the CCF has organised.

The journey back to school was full of stories of heroic adventure and outstanding physical efforts. The staff must have missed that part.