Remembrance Day 2020

Remembrance Day at St Bart’s is always a significant occasion in our calendar, one where the whole school gather in the Hub together with former students, governors and members of the Parents’ Association and Old Newburians’ Association. This year a different approach was required but the outcome was no less poignant.

Streamed online, the service was screened to students in tutor groups and available to members of our wider community from home. In her opening address Ms Mortimore welcomed everyone and expressed that even though we are in the middle of a pandemic, and experiencing loss in a different way, it is still important to look back with pride and respect to those who made ultimate sacrifice.

In keeping with tradition the School Officers laid wreathes in the Memorial Garden and were joined by members of the CCF by the flagpole who lowered the flag to half-mast.

We heard from two of the Head Students, Siena and Emily, as they remembered the four former students who were killed in the First World War, and who gave their names to our four Houses.

This was followed by the reading of the Roll of Honour, commemorating all of the past St. Bart’s students who have died in war, alongside footage of Head Students, Sanskriti and Ethan, scattering poppies in the Hub, as has become tradition.

A reflective two minutes silence followed the bugle call by Joseph Marletta and George White and we saw images of the St Bart’s memorial to its fallen former students. We were touched to receive a number of comments after the service.

It was an extremely moving service and made all the more poignant since I felt I was able to share it with my daughter who was in school attending at the same time.

The first time I attended [the service] was in 1979. Today’s service was just as moving and respectful. Distancing was essential but we are very grateful that you were able to use technology to bring the service to the wider school community.

“It was very moving and reminded me of the many whole school services which I attended during my time at St Bart’s. To hear the roll of honour, the last post and ‘To the fallen’, watching the autumn leaves blow across my garden was very special.”