St Bart’s Recycling Update

We have new bins in the Hub, canteen, kitchen and Sixth Form area to make sure that food and compostable packaging is recycled separately from other waste. This is taken to be made into compost and top soil. We have also refocused our attention on recycling plastic bottles, aluminium cans and paper/cardboard. The ultimate aim is to reduce the amount of waste we send as ‘General Waste’ to the incinerator.  The first week of our new recycling initiative has been a success and we have reduced the amount of general waste by 15%. We think we can reduce this further to at least 30% in the coming weeks.

House Championship Recycling competition

In the Hub, Sixth Form students have volunteered to support the recycling push by monitoring how students have engaged with recycling.  Each item of waste brought to our dedicated ‘Recycling Area’ earned the student points towards an aspect of the House Championship. 

The results from Week 1 are as follows:  Curnock 181, Davis 120, Patterson 97 and Evers 84. Well done to Curnock! The scores re-set each week, so it is a level playing field for Week 2. It is fantastic that nearly 500 pieces of litter were recycled in the Hub alone – adding in the canteen, kitchen and sixth form area, this represents a real reduction in general waste.


There are still issues with contamination, as what can go into each bin is pretty complicated. To improve this aspect, Week 2 will involve students and staff doing quizzes to help everyone understand what should end up in each type of bin.

Wordsearch competition

We have also been running a wordsearch competition.  The ‘Waste Wordsearch’ has a hidden message. 15 students have already discovered this and have claimed their prizes. There are 25 more prizes available. If you fancy having a go, pick up a wordsearch from the sixth-formers by the Recycling Area at break or Activity Time.