Y12 Politics & Law Trip To Parliament

Last Thursday, Politics and Law students had a trip to the Houses of Parliament in London, providing us all with a really interesting insight into the world of Government and legislation, which are key to both subjects.

First, we were able to view debates in the House of Lords and Commons, which were surprisingly not about Brexit, rather they were about ‘fast fashion’ in the Commons and social housing in the Lords. This was especially interesting for those Politics students who focus heavily on what goes on in each of these houses! 

After the tour, we had a workshop on voting systems which was great in bringing to life the different systems, as they can be quite complex; this really aided us in understanding and getting to grips with them all.  We were split into different ‘parties’ and then had to present policies and make decisions about coalitions etc. when the result was announced. It was quite an unusual thing for us all to do, but equally interesting, and allowed us to exercise some of our own views too!

Overall it was such a helpful trip; often we tend to view Westminster as isolated and in its own bubble, but the trip really enabled us to see what an interesting and historic place it is. Furthermore, we got a real insiders view of the processes and traditions that occur there, which was great to further our knowledge within our Politics or Law A Level. Many thanks to Mr Lawes, Mrs Lane and Mr Castel who made this trip happen!