Year 11 Geography Field Visit to Rushall Farm

On Thursday 26 and Friday 27 September, we took our Year 11 Geography students to Rushall Farm, near Bradfield. The aim of the visit was for students to collect river data to help them prepare for the Paper 3 Skills exam next summer.

After putting on our waders and listening to a briefing from the Rushall Farm staff, we all set off in groups on a tractor and trailer to different sites along the River Pang. We visited three sites in total and at each site students had to measure the depth, width, wetted perimeter, bedload shape and size, river discharge and gradient. The data from each site was then used to identify how the river changes along its course.

Despite the rain showers the visits were a success and the students worked efficiently to obtain all the relevant data they needed. Since the visits students have been writing up their findings. They will then apply this knowledge to exam style questions to prepare them for the exam next summer.