Greenham Common Trust Youth Distribution Meeting

Published 28 March 2024

Last year, we reported that St Bart’s students had been given the opportunity to join in the Greenham Common Trust’s Youth Distribution Committee. The trust has supported over 5000 local good causes and distributed over £71 Million since their inception in 1997. This committee consists of young people from local secondary schools and groups. They review projects and agree how best to award grants. Archie (13D5) and Luisa (13C2) have been invited to take part again recently.

Luisa said, “Being invited again to the Greenham Trust Youth Distribution Meeting was great. We, as a team, allocated funding to various charities, parish councils, schools and towns, giving those who received funding a chance to support those more vulnerable and improve their area. Everyone listened to each other and shared ideas and experiences that were vital to distributing resources to the organisations. It was a brilliant experience and thank you to the Sixth Form Team for the opportunity to attend and take part in these meetings and discussions.”