Patterson Chalks up 10 Guide Dogs!

Published 28 March 2024

 The Patterson House charity is Guide Dogs, and this week they were visited by their ninth sponsored dog, Luker. Luker, who is now 18 months old, was accompanied by Charlotte, her trainer, and she treated the students to a display of her skills. Luker showed how she can find empty chairs so that, once matched with a blind person, she can help them find seats on buses or at busy doctors’ surgeries.

Luker also demonstrated how she can find crossing boxes to enable safe crossing of roads. She behaved beautifully and was rewarded by playing with her toys. She is still in training but is working hard, Charlotte says Luker is very chilled!

It was also announced, that thanks to the hard work of Patterson students, we have now raised another £2500, meaning we can sponsor a tenth dog. This is such a massive achievement – well done Patterson! Look out for us in the Newbury Weekly News.