English Schools Track and Field Cup South West Regional B Final

Published 26 June 2024

Well done to the Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 athletes who represented the Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Inter Boys and Inter Girls Athletics Teams at the English Schools Track and Field Cup South West Regional B Final at Winchester. St Bart’s was the only school to qualify for the final for all four teams.

The Junior Boys (282 points) placed 7th out of 9 schools, Junior Girls (319 points) placed 4th out of 8, the Inter Boys (413 points) placed 3rd out of 8 schools, and the Inter Girls (352 points) placed 5th out of 7 schools.

Some standout performances included:

Junior Boys – Dexter Brown, 800m, 2:31.7 secs, 19 points., Eli Bodin, 1500m, 5:09.9 secs, 19 points. Oscar Hook Discus, 24.72m, 19 points. Vincent Bardsley, Javelin, 26.22m, 19 points.

Inter Boys – Kenechi Akosa, 300m, 35.7 secs, 32 points and Discus, 30.47m, 21 points. Theo Nightingale, Hurdles, 12.9 secs, 20 points and High Jump, 1.68m, 22 points. Max Charlton, 100m, 11.9 secs, 24 points. Henry Wilson, 800m, 2:21.4 secs, 19 points. Haydn James Javelin, 42.87m, 22 points. Jacob Tang, 200m, 24.5 secs, 22 points. Antonio Valdivia, 39.2 secs, 23 points. Joe Bell, 800m, 2:19.0, 20 points and Discus, 27.49m, 18 points. Chris Broadfoot, Javelin, 37.37m, 18 points.

Junior Girls

Finished 4th out of 8 schools with a great total of 319 points which was higher than in their qualifying round, very well done!

Penny Prowse, 100m, 13.6, which is superb and 4m11 in the Long Jump giving her a combined total of 39 points. Jessie Mc Curtin, 1500m, 5min 30 and High Jump, 41 points. Anna Hall, 1500m, 5min 37, 23 points. Emmeline Lloyd, 800m, 2min 49, 21 points. Chloe Yorston, 300m, 47.1 and High Jump, 1.26, 34 points. Eva Mahoney, 200m, 30.3 and Shot, 6m 24, 29 points and Bella Meir, 100m, 14.5 and Discus 16m20, 28 points.

Inter girls

Finished 5th place out of 8 schools with a great total of 352 points, whilst missing a key athlete due to illness.

Beth Maclean, 800m, PB 2.27 and Javelin 23.98, 45 points. Isla Clare, 1500m, 5min 16 and Discus, 16m, 34 points. Ava Hewetson, 100m, 13.8 and Shot, 7.58, 32 points. Hazel Cook, 200m, 28.9 and Discus, 19m 06, 35 points. Olive Muir, 1500m, 5min 27 and High Jump, 1m 20, 33 points. Annabelle Franklin-Wilson 300m, 48.8, and Triple Jump, 8m71, 29 points. Ellena Clare, 100m, 14.1 and Long Jump, 4.08m, 29 points. Finally Grace Shopland achieved her PB in 300m, 47.6.

An outstanding team performance. Everyone worked extremely hard throughout the day on their track and field events and should be very proud of their achievements.