German Exchange 2024

 Published 22 February 2024

St Bart’s students from Years 9, 10 and 12 took part in the German Exchange to our long-standing partner school, the Otto-Hahn Gymnasium in Monheim, between Monday 29 January and Monday 5 February 2024. The week involved a day in the German school, participating in an English lesson and starting work on a joint project with their exchange partners. St Bart’s students also went to Schloss Burg, a traditional medieval castle, had a day-trip to the Haus der Geschichte Museum in Bonn, and a day trip to Aachen with their German partners. Some highlights of the trip were the visit to the Lindt chocolate factory in Aachen and the opportunity to try traditional waffles with cherries. The German exchange partners will be visiting their St Barts partners in June. Students stayed in host families in Monheim and some of their comments are here below:

“The past 7 days in Monheim have been amazing. I got to know new German people and made friends with my partner’s friends.  We had lots of fun together and we did things like bowling and laser tag”

Chris Broadfoot, Year 9


“Lots of opportunities to make long-term friends, a very enjoyable experience.  I loved every minute.”

Chloe Johnson, Year 9


“At first I was nervous, but when I arrived at Emma’s house they were really nice and welcoming.  The food in Germany is very different to here and they love drinking sparkling water, which is strange!”

Hazel Cook, Year 9


“In school we worked with younger students and helped them in English lessons. I liked meeting the students there and they were very welcoming- as well as everyone in my partner’s family.  I was shocked at how early they finish school – 1.50pm!  My favourite part was probably going to the chocolate museum and the hardest part was waking up so early.”

Millie Taylor, Year 9


“The German exchange was an intense week! It was great to get to know a family from a different country and the people that I stayed with were amazing hosts. We learned a lot about both history and day-to-day life in Germany. All in all it was an incredible and unforgettable experience.”

Lucy Heelan Year 12


“Going on the German exchange definitely helped with my confidence when speaking German…My exchange family were very patient with my attempts to speak German and helped me when they could.”

El Prescott, Year 12