MFL Karaoke

Published 12 January 2023

In the final week of term, had you taken a walk down the Languages corridor you would have been forgiven for thinking you had walked into the French, German or Spanish version of the X-factor! Classrooms were filled with the sound of foreign Christmas carols, pop songs and well-known anthems. Why? Because the MFL Christmas Karaoke Competition rehearsals were in full swing and the MFL teachers take it very seriously!

On Friday 16 December, the annual MFL Karaoke Competition took place at activity time and was highly contested. There were 15 initial entries this year and the Foreign Language Assistants had the unenviable task of choosing the top 5 to go through to Friday’s final.

The final was opened by Mrs de Casa’s Y12 Spanish class who definitely got the party started with Shakira’s ‘Waka Waka’, which was used to open the 2010 World Cup. The mood was then softened with a festive song by Mrs Seath’s Y7P3 French class singing a very sweet version of ‘Vive le Vent’ (the French version of Jingle Bells) complete with props and acting. It was brilliant to see our youngest learners perform so well. They were followed by the Y13 German classes who provided live guitar playing, harmonies, acting, props and amazing story telling to the song ‘Millionär’  ​- this was going to be hard to beat!

Then came a combination of two of Mrs Clare’s Y9 Spanish classes singing ‘Subeme la Radio’ by Enrique Iglesias. Despite the large group and tricky lyrics, they performed well with coordinated dance moves, a rap and great audience support. Finally came Mrs Tucker’s Y9 German class who gave an extremely polished performance of ‘Wahnsinn’ by Wolfgang Petry with impeccable dictation and timing as well as live guitars, props, dance moves smiles all round. They provided the perfect finish to a fabulous Christmas concert.

Mrs Robertson, Head of Expressive Arts, very kindly agreed to be the judge. Mrs Robertson gave a review of the strengths of each performance and was able to make the difficult decision as to who was going to win. Drum roll……..a huge well done to the Y13 German classes and to Mrs Tucker and Miss Prior for their input! The musical talents of the students shone through, and they were worthy winners of the trophy.

There was also one entry into the solo category and, as Mrs Wood said, the prize would not have gone to this student had she not truly deserved it. ​Hanika Prashanth Kundar from ​7C1 sang in ​Hindi and it was beautiful. Next year, it would be lovely to see some more students be brave enough to enter the solo round.

A huge thank you to Mrs Robertson for judging the final, to the Foreign Language Assistants for the initial round of judging, to Mrs Wood for organising and coordinating the event and finally to all the students who participated and who made it such a fun and rewarding occasion.

Mrs Clare.