National Poetry Day Competition

To mark National Poetry Day earlier this month, Year 8 students wrote poems on the theme of ‘truth’.  There were some remarkable entries which impressed all the staff who helped to judge.  The shortlist of ten was eventually whittled down to 3 joint winners and 7 runners up.

Well done to all of them.

This was written by one of the winners…


In lies there is truth

Like a tangle of threads

Scattered across the world

Twisted by speech and tormented by time

They flood from tears of fiction

And are spoken from fear

Strangling and struggling in a circle

Here the truth is hidden amongst them

Bright against the festering darkness of lies

Black and white that merge

Commanded by tongues and lips

A blessing and a curse

Open and closed

Like secrets behind stories

Fiction an elaborate tapestry of love and hatred

Light and dark

An unbroken story

Never ending

Never beginning

Always there