U16 Football

Published 28 September

Our U16’s girls’ football team have been in action against Bohunt School.

Firstly, a special thank you goes to Matilda (Y10) for coming to play in goal at short notice and playing so well.

The game started strong from both sides but St Bart’s were stronger. We had a few chances before Mya found the back of the net with a powerful strike. 1-0 St Bart’s.

Although Bohunt were able to work the ball down the pitch, they could not break past our defence.

Half time – 1-0 St Bart’s.

In the second half Bohunt started fast and equalised, 1-1.

Our girls fought hard and worked together phenomenally, just like the first half. Their hard work paid off and Mya scored again to take us back into the lead.

2-1 St Bart’s.

Bohunt kept pressuring our defence, but again, Scarlett, Anna and Eleanor did a fantastic job and did not allow them many chances on goal.

In the last 15 minutes, both teams remained persistent but a fast break from St Bart’s overloaded their defence where Isla shot from just outside the box to hit the crossbar and in. 3-1 St Bart’s.

To secure the win, the girls continued to play tirelessly with Immy, Lyra and Carys holding strong in the middle, Chloe and Isla dominating the wings, and Meg and Mya putting pressure on their back four.

Once again, their teamwork and resilience resulted in another two goals from Mya, earning her a hat-trick for the game and securing the win.

Final score 5-1 St Bart’s.

Everyone played exceptionally well. The girls remained composed, held their own and never gave up.