Vivaan is UK Winner

Published 18 September 2023

St Bart’s are extremely proud to announce that Vivaan (11E3) has won the prestigious UK Junior Water Prize

This is a national STEM competition aimed at solving environmental challenges with a link to water quality and security.

Vivaan says, “My research was to develop a technology-driven system for smart houses that can detect, predict and report water quality, leakage and clogging issues in distribution pipelines. By predicting leakage issues in advance, the system has the potential to avoid leakage and mould problems, which cause serious health risks.

The system uses sensors, IoT, and AI technology. It collects and analyses the data from the sensors, and generates alarms in real-time if any water-related issue arises. The water security index is calculated to assess the safety of the water supply on the premises. The system can be scaled up for larger areas such as buildings, residential societies and cities.”

Vivaan won a £1,000 cash prize, a trophy and certificate plus an all-expenses paid trip to World Water Week in August to take part in the Stockholm Junior Water Prize competition in Sweden.

He says, “After winning this competition at the UK level, I feel more motivated to continue my research and take it to the next level.”

His entry has been published here.  This is an amazing achievement. Well done Vivaan!