Y12 PE Trip To Bath University

Published 19 October 2023

On Thursday 12 October, the Year 12 PE and BTEC Sport students went to Bath University. It was an inspiring trip which taught us all about Sport Science and even included a lecture from Jonathan who is a qualified Sport Scientist.

We started off the day with a strength and conditioning session, which was taken by current student, Adam. In this session, we learnt about different techniques involved in speed, which built us up to doing a sprint, measured by light gates.

We then moved on to a session in the lab where Charlie and Isaac each participated in a test. Charlie did the VO2 max test and Isaac did the Wingate test, whilst the rest of us watched. Their heart rates increased and we could see the amount of gases that they were breathing in whilst exercising.

After lunch, we had a quick tour of the sports facilities and then finished the day with a very interesting lecture about how altitude affects performance. It was a great day at the university and definitely inspired us. A huge thank you to Jonathan, Adam and Liv who were involved in leading the day at the University.