House Dance

Published 7 September

The end of last term saw our annual House Dance competition held in the school hall in front of a large audience. This year, the competition was judged by Reuben Spencer, member of Orb Youth Dance Company in Eastleigh and FuzzyLogic based in Southampton. Reuben has been filmed for the BBC dance passions and was in the Newbury panto last year. At the end of June, Reuben produced the Young Performers Showcase at the Corn Exchange, where he was part of the front of house team.

The House teams showcased performances by Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9, as well as Year 10 dances with and without props. The dancers were led by our Year 12 students, who were responsible for their House’s whole programme including choreography, music and costumes.

Each House was recognised with the following awards: Teamwork Award (Curnock), Organisation Award (Davis), Determination Award (Evers) and Resilience Award (Patterson).

The competition was extremely close with fantastic dedication from all those students involved, but there could be only one overall winner on the night and the winners were…CURNOCK! Davis took 2nd place, Patterson 3rd and Evers 4th.

Our congratulations to Curnock House, as they are crowned House Dance Champions 2023.