Y12 Biology Field Trip

Published 7 September 2023

On 3 July Year 12 biology students departed for Aberystwyth in Wales to investigate and conduct research for our required practicals. On day one, we arrived and went to Borth Bog and found a variety of different plants that could only grow in acidic conditions. We also discovered that the peat in the bog is around 8m deep and may contain the corpses of ancient wolves and other creatures that lived in the area thousands of years ago.

On day two, we had a lovely sunny day at the shore where we conducted a vertical transect and identified many creatures and their zonation followed by ice cream bought by Mrs Woodgate. On day three we found small insects in the rivers and tried (and failed) to measure the abiotic factors. On the final working day, we explored the sand dunes and conducted point quadrat tests and ended up taking some of the dune with us in our shoes.