“Insightful” Paultons Park Trip

Published 12 June 2024

On 23 May, Year 10 Students went on a Business Studies trip to Paultons Park. The students attended a workshop on Paultons Park’s business plan. This was an interesting and relevant workshop; the speaker spoke about marketing techniques that are used and explained why Paultons Park used different strategies in comparison to their competitors.

The speaker spoke about various business aspects, which had the students engaged and intrigued. The talk was an excellent source of relevant and realistic examples of the topics that the students have covered in class or will be covering in future in their GCSEs. The students were also given the opportunity to enjoy the rides, which were enjoyed by all! This is what the students had to say:

“It was very good, especially the workshop. It was very insightful and also having fun on the rides was always a plus’”

Alrayaan Hussain (10D3)

“Overall, I think the trip was beneficial to us and will help with upcoming exams and next year’s topics. The workshop was interactive and interesting.”

Mia Martin-Flaven (10P2)

 “The workshop was very informative and really put into perspective the content we have been learning when applied to a real business. It helped me grasp the concepts of Business Studies GCSE better and it was also nice to have time to go on rides on this trip. Would definitely recommend to potential Business Studies and Enterprise students.”

Favour Oke (10E2)