Sixth Form Sports Update

Published 12 June 2024

   The Sixth Form House Sport/Championship has continues to run each week with different events every Wednesday. Just in this term we’ve had House Badminton, House Dodgeball, Lacrosse and a quiz. House Badminton saw some excellent numbers, with each House being represented really well.

Patterson added House Badminton to their list of wins, ending Curnock’s never-ending winning run! House Dodgeball was up next with fewer participants due to our Year 13s being on study leave, which left Charlie from Evers on his own, so in stepped Evers House Leader – Mr Owen to make a formidable duo with Charlie who somehow managed to come 2nd (more out of pity than anything else!).

Curnock picked up another House Dodgeball win, which means they have won every House Dodgeball this year. House Lacrosse was next on the calendar but with only 11 students out, we decided to enjoy the sunshine and play for fun. It was fantastic to see the boys getting involved and being taught the rules by Sophie and Annie!

Finally, we were due to have House Rounders to end the half-term but of course, the British weather decided to do its thing and rain when it wasn’t wanted. This meant we had to rearrange and do a fun quiz instead. Huge thanks to Mr Sullivan for coming up with a great quiz at the last minute. The quiz ended in a tiebreak, with the question being “how old is Mr Sullivan?” Ellie and Sophie guessed the answer correctly and therefore won the quiz. A great Wednesday afternoon for all! Fingers crossed the weather turns and we get sunshine from now on with House Cricket, House Rounders and a Sports Day all to look forward to.