Sixth Form House Cup Update

 Published 18 March 2024

The revitalised Sixth Form House Cup has been a huge success this year and we are now well over the half-way point. The new format includes a wider range of activities and sports to ensure that all students are able to participate and represent their house. Since December, we have had multiple House Dodgeball events, House Film, The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, House Netball, House Basketball, Fun with Numbers, a Spelling Bee and most recently, House Girls’ Football.

As the Patterson Sixth Form House Leader, I am extremely disappointed to report that currently Curnock are leading the race to win the Sixth Form House Cup. However, Mr Roberts is more than delighted! This is thanks to their numerous wins in House Dodgeball (always beating Patterson in the final!), winning House Rugby and The Big Fat Quiz of the Year. Evers have won two events, the Spelling Bee and House Netball, playing some excellent Netball, and Patterson have won House Basketball and Fun with Numbers. Davis should also get an honourable mention for winning the Senior House Film competition with two wins a in row. We still have many House events to look forward to over the coming months, including Boys’ Football, Rounders, Debating and a mini Sports Day. It’s been a wonderful year so far with a variety of students involved. Congratulations to all Houses and participants on making it so fun and enjoyable to be part of.

Miss M Bilcliff, Patterson Sixth Form House Lead