Berkshire School Games

Published 19 March 2024

On Friday 8 March, St Bart’s hosted the Berkshire Primary Schools Indoor Athletics finals. Eight different primary schools from around Berkshire came to St Bart’s to participate in this event held by staff and Year 10 and 11 Sports Leaders.

In the morning, the Year 10 Sports Leaders had an early start, arriving at the sports hall at 7.15am to help set up and learn about their roles for the event. Six primary schools (Year 3 and 4) then took part in a range of fun track and field events which were officiated by the Sports Leaders. In the afternoon, eight Year 5 and 6 primary schools got involved in a number of track and field events which were organised and run by the Year 11 Sports Leaders.

The event, which has now been hosted by St Bart’s for several years, had a great atmosphere from all of the children and was overall a huge success.